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5 Proven Social Media Marketing ways for Gyms to get more Clients

Gym social media marketing

In today’s world, health has become a significant component of our life. Being fit and keeping ourselves healthy by doing exercise, workouts and yoga will keep our body fit. Due to this pandemic, people have become more health-conscious and aware. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can be your gym’s most incredible muscles for brand awareness and client engagement. Here are some social media marketing tips for gyms and fitness studios.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Gyms

This is how gyms can effectively advertise through social media: –

1. Videos, tutorials, and live streaming for training sessions 

Different types of workout videos and training sessions can be done through YouTube channels. Through this social media tool, we will get several views, likes and dislikes, and comments. Live to stream through Facebook and Instagram will engage the audience. It will also help in the interaction with the owner and the audience through online live streaming.

2. Rewards and recognition

There are new methods and techniques to keep our body fit by doing Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, CrossFit, and Cardio. Right now, it has been trending and in demand in metropolitan cities. The fitness challenge could include a schedule of classes or different workouts each day, and offer participants support – both online (through the gym’s social networks) and in-person with other challengers at the gym. The challenge could also offer rewards, such as a free month of membership or promotional items (water bottles, towels, etc.), for those who successfully meet their personal fitness goals.

3. Discount and gift vouchers

By providing different schemes and discount offers, clients will be more attracted to the gyms and fitness centers/studios. Membership policies will help connect with clients for a more extended period of time and be provided with personal attention by the trainers. This all can be displayed through ads and feeds on Facebook and Instagram. For example, the first 100 members till this date will get a discount or gift vouchers.

4. Promotion of Upcoming Events 

It’s time to rock and roll !!! Each and everyone loves a fun event, and any function going on at your gym makes a great Facebook and Instagram post opportunity. Also highlighting the decoration, snacks, or a sneak peek of what attendees can expect.

5. Inspirations from popular brands

Nike is the most popular fitness brand on social media. Nike has a primary Instagram account as well as various sub-accounts dedicated to specific topics. Usually, the brand is only visible through a shirt’s emblem or a shoe’s flash. The logo or tagline is displayed at the commercial end, allowing one to recognize the brand.

Over to You!

Social media marketing plays an essential role in attracting fans and clients to gyms and fitness studios. Are you willing to join and grab the attention of gym and fitness enthusiasts? Then subscribe to Healthcare Marketing Tips Blog and get started.

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