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Content Marketing for Healthcare – What to keep in mind

Healthcare Content Marketing

Be it a strange stomach ache, an unusual amount of hair fall, or a mole that you haven’t noticed before … no matter what the concern, the first thing we usually do is Google it! In 2019, The VP of Google Health, David Feinberg, shared that 7% of the searches on Google each day are healthcare-related. Around 75000 healthcare-related searches are made every minute, adding up to approximately a billion searches per day. In the wake of Covid 19, the demand for informative and credible healthcare content has dramatically increased and continues to rise. So, if you are a healthcare professional or a business owner in the industry, NOW is the time to leverage content marketing to inform and attract new customers from the country ( maybe even the world). Before you begin to frame a content marketing strategy for your business, here are a few tactics you should keep in mind. 

How to make your Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy more successful 

Keep it simple!

The trick is easy; all you have to do is “Keep it Simple.” Always remember that the content is for the audience and not you! It is you who knows the industry in and out and not the reader/viewer. Using too much industrial jargon and complicated medical terms would make content consumers stop halfway and switch to another source. Your content should be to the point and audience targeted. If they can resonate with you, only then their trust in you will build.

Make it interactive and shareable

The content you post should inspire action. Along with being informative, it should also be shareable. Invest time in research and know exactly what answers the search engine users are seeking, what problems they are facing etc. Content marketing in healthcare is all about open lines of communication, so, along with posting articles and blogs, make sure that you include interactive elements like quizzes and surveys. You can establish a more substantial presence and create more engagement with content that is informative and shareable. 

Keep them updated 

If you are a healthcare expert or an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, you are likely to be constantly updated about the latest technologies or first-of-its-kind treatments and researches. Sharing these latest trends and news will kindle audience interest in your content and build trust. Adding newsworthy content on your website appeals to the visitors and drives attention towards your brand. 

Be Authentic 

People believe what they read, so as a content creator in the healthcare industry, it is your legal and moral responsibility to publish information that is one hundred percent authentic. Always take experts’ opinions and guidance about the content you are posting. Posting unplanned articles on healthcare can lead to distrust of the audience in your brand and legal actions. So, make sure the content you post is well-researched and factually correct.

Don’t miss the human touch

For any content strategy to make an impact, the human touch is of utmost importance. Studies suggest that every 1 out of 2 patients would prefer to stay loyal to a particular hospital where they have built a comfort zone with doctors and nurses. That signifies the importance of building a rapport with your current and potential patients. Post regularly on social media, share videos, be interactive with viewers in the comment section; in short, make them feel connected. 

Content Specialization

If you are a physician with a specialization or a company focusing on a particular aspect of healthcare, use that specialization to your advantage. Create content that is aligned to your niche; it creates credibility. After all, who better to trust than a qualified doctor practicing in that particular field? It is possible that doctors don’t have enough time to write an entire article, but they sure can spare time for a quick interview. 

Client Stories

How often do you check out online reviews on search engines? Probably every day, right? Almost every search engine user relies on online reviews to make decisions. So, the one thing that you should never miss out on in your content marketing strategy is ‘client testimonials.’ Feedbacks and client testimonials play a huge role in attracting potential clients. 

Signing off 

We hope these strategies will help you prepare content marketing strategies that are both consumer-centric and brand-building. Keep reading healthcare marketing tips for better prospecting and targeting!

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