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Everything you need to know about Doctor Podcasting

Doctor Podcasting

Podcasting is the most efficient way to reach your audiences and share information on various topics in one sitting. The coronavirus pandemic induced uncertainty, increasing the number of anxiety cases worldwide.

While we were left stewing in our thoughts and worrying about our future, we felt an overwhelming urge to share our ideas using social media and other platforms of social connectivity.

Other than wanting to connect with the natural world as we remained locked inside our houses to break the coronavirus chain, a need for general health awareness and home remedies took over our lives.

It led to the emergence of doctor podcasting, a unique way of addressing a large number of people in real-time by doctors enabling them to interact with potential patients driving traffic to their websites and practices.

Everything you need to know for Doctor Podcasting

An average day in a doctor’s life entails patient visits, interaction with official staff, and getting buried under heaps of paperwork before returning home to their families. It sounds hectic and exhilarating at the same time.

We bet as a medical practitioner you feel enthralled as your sense of duty is directly attached to the gratification your patients feel once you alleviate their ailments, aches, and pains. However, doctor podcasting is an ideal choice for the overachievers who dream of becoming leaders in the medical industry.

Doctor podcasting creates new opportunities enabling you to boost your reach and cover more ground without physically exhausting yourself or getting overwhelmed by the planning and strategizing required to build a marketing campaign.

A significant increase in podcast listeners has been observed over the last couple of years. Podcasting has emerged as the most cost-effective alternative to expensive marketing plans that require minimal time investments. Not to mention, you can do it from the comfort of your home, all the while saving your hard-earned cash.

Radio Vs. Podcasting

Without getting into the technicalities of radio waves and the differences between radio and podcasting transmission processes, essentially, podcasting is the radio of the new normal.

Similar to on-demand radio, one has the choice to tune in to their favorite podcasts ranging from entertainment to scientists, and now, even doctors.

Much like radio, where you get to choose channels based on their frequency to tune in to your favorite programs, podcasts allow you to choose from various shows depending on your time preference and taste.

TBH, it does feel like the olden days when we would tune into radio stations on our camping trips to listen to ghost stories at night. Podcasts work similarly, just with a better user interface and engagement quotient.

The Benefits

Establishes you as a  leader

  • If you step into the limelight by sharing valuable information in the world, it allows people to see you for the leader you are.
  • Building your podcast from scratch allows you to share your experiences, life lessons, and wisdom with an unlimited audience.
  • Your listeners could range from specialists from your field validating your information to people there to educate themselves on the topic of interest.
  • It instills a sense of accomplishment, and you get recognized by your peers, building a solid reputation for you and your brand.

Expands Professional Opportunities

  • Podcasting creates professional opportunities such as speaking events and gets you noticed by editors and other professionals from your field.
  • It helps you build your reputation from the ground up and increases your following on social media.

Increases Brand Visibility

  • Podcasting improves your reach and creates brand awareness among your listeners.
  • Other than traditional social media marketing tools such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter marketing, choosing the podcast can be an effective way to market your brand.
  • It enables you to form new partnerships and engage with new potential patients.

Collaborate with other professionals

  • You can invite other experts from your field and interview them according to your listener’s preferences.
  • Having experts and industry leaders would validate your podcast.
  • Podcasting helps you expand your network outside of work and traditional ways.

Helps break from the monotony

  • It helps break the monotony and enables you to express yourself creatively.
  • Taking on a new project is exciting and gives you something to look forward to.
  • Podcasting requires less commitment than vlogging, making it easier for you to go live and start talking.
  • It doesn’t require you to be an expert in content creation or orator skills; you can begin withholding a conversation that interests you and your listeners.

Things to remember

  • Add your podcast link to your website in bio, web content, and social media pages.
  • Mention your podcasting links to your personal and professional social media accounts.
  • Try to include your podcasting experience in your website content and write about it.
  • The number of listeners defines the success of your podcast, so market anywhere and everywhere.

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