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Online Reputation Management Tips for Dentists

Online Reputation Management Tips for Dentists

A short and crisp guide on online reputation management tips for dentists. Have you ever thought of that last time you needed to spend money on an important product or service, but you had a few options from which to choose? Did you quickly decide on the very first product or service that you saw? Not likely. You might take time to go online and see which product or service received the best reviews and feedback. “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”- Benjamin Franklin. That is the same scenario, which is vital for dentists every day. Like any other business, your dental practice is being evaluated and reported regularly by your patients and clients. Proper monitoring of your dental practice’s online reputation helps you and your patients in some distinct ways. 

Online Reputation Management Tips for Dentists

Reviews and Feedback

While reviewing websites, the chances are that you’ve seen at least one business whose page was swamped with negative reviews. There may be a plethora of valid reasons for someone to leave a negative review. Multiple unrelated concerns could negatively impact their experience and affect their review as a result. For example, a patient could have a great visit to your dental clinic, and everything went right with their treatment. But somehow ended up with a not-so-good experience while dealing with the insurance company recommended by you. Here, the patient may include that little detail in an otherwise glowing review and have that shape other people’s opinions of your dental practice. These will help you get ahead of situations like this by staying involved in your online reputation management.

By responding to your patient’s complaints about their insurance company and guiding them with a helpful resource or two, you could end with a positive win. Some studies have shown that around 65% of patients prefer to see a dentist respond to a negative review, so don’t be afraid to respond promptly! By responding to negative reviews, you will establish yourself as a practice that listens carefully to constructive criticism and does its best to remedy any issues that spring up. You can also better shape your dental practice’s perception and credibility without any added polarity or divisiveness in your reviews. 

Boost your Marketing

A recent study conducted by Google measured the effect of reviews on the click-through rates of over 6,200 participants. According to Google, 88% of patients are now using search engines to find a treatment center and 30% of the search directly on a review website. [These studies include all healthcare providers with dentists had] Those with an overall positive rating got far more clicks and visits to their sites, and those with an overall negative rating received less. “Star Rating” had a significant impact on click-through rates, as well.

Even dental businesses with no rating whatsoever received more clicks than those with a negative rating. Be sure that your pages are complete with positive reviews, as new and prospective patients will decide to schedule their appointment with you based on reviews. 

Social Media

It’s always good to have an online presence through social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and many more websites. By commenting and asking questions, you will start to engage the followers on social media. Answering comments and messages create a humane perception of you and your practice.

When people can relate and feel that they are listened to, they are much more inclined to see you as trustworthy. Decent engagement on your social media page and happy followers is undeniable social proof and a great way to win new patients. 

Providing Information

As a dentist, sharing information on health-related issues will always keep your visitors tagged. Informative blog posts, articles, advice on oral health, and sharing news about dentistry’s latest advancements can keep your followers coming back to you for your services. In addition, social media is a great way to establish your dentist’s expertise to a broader audience.

This blog has scratched the service on ways to protect your online reputation. If you would like further information about this or anything else to do with online marketing for your practice, subscribe to the healthmarketingtips blog

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