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Six Social Media Marketing Strategies That Every Doctor And Clinics Should Know About

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While social media marketing is often associated with companies, more and more medical professionals have understood its importance due to increasing competition and a paradigm shift from offline to online marketing, and are engaging in social media marketing for their clinics/ hospitals, treatments, and services.

Social media and healthcare are a powerful combination. It not only serves the purpose of marketing but also increases awareness amongst the public. The below article covers five social-media marketing strategies that Doctors / Clinics can use to make their marketing more effective.

6 ways to make your Social Media Marketing Strategy more effective

Study the buyer persona & plan the right Media Mix

Each social media platform caters to a unique user base. The interests of Facebook or Twitter users will be different from LinkedIn and Quora users. So to appeal to diverse social media users and avail maximum benefit from your marketing campaign, it is essential to thoughtfully curate a unique content strategy for various social media platforms. Going with a single process on all platforms will not leave the desired impact on your present, potential and ideal customers.

Share Healthcare Information

There is a lot of healthcare content available on the internet. Still, when that content comes from medical experts who specialize in a specific field, It is more likely to influence users than the generic information. Try to provide doctor tips, practical solutions and share about various medical procedures through social media. This can be done through images, YouTube videos, Pinterest infographics, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

Answer Patient Queries

Nowadays, whenever a patient faces any healthcare concern, their first reaction is to google its solution! Being a medical specialist or a doctor, you can turn this to your advantage. Share informative blogs on social media like google Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook, addressing your target audience’s various healthcare concerns. You can also divert traffic to your social media page or website by answering Quora and yahoo answers questions. These answers connect you to an active audience and improve your Search engine ranking. You can also design a dedicated “Youtube Marketing” strategy for providing an opportunity for your users to engage in communication with you.

Build Patient Loyalty

Social media platforms are not only used to generate new leads and attract new patients. It also helps you maintain relationships with patients and build loyalty. Let the world know about the experiences of your happy customers by sharing their successful recovery stories. This will help potential patients know your brand better and create a sense of trust and reliability.
Another great way to build customer loyalty is by introducing your doctors, nurses, paramedic, and other staff on your social media platform. After all, they’re the face of your organization, and they are the people from whom the public will seek support and advice in case of crisis.

Combat Misinformation

Information spreads quickly on Social Media, and at times, this can spread false details to the consumers. As a healthcare professional, you can use your expertise in the field to combat such misinformation and promote fact-based and relevant content on your platforms. Always remember that people look upon health organizations for trusted information on new and emerging health concerns. So, make sure your content does not confuse the audience or mislead them.

Establish Online Communication Protocols

If you are engaging in social media marketing campaigns, you should also focus on laying out a well-thought policy for online communication. Employees must be educated to use social media and respond to the audience with due care and diligence. The content is shared as health tips, and experts should thoroughly verify medical information before publishing.
Apart from that, your organization should have a proper strategy for answering patient queries and grievances online. Continually monitor what your competitors say about you online and respond professionally.

Signing Off!

Social media marketing strategies help to improve the doctors and clinics for more patients in-flow. Social media activities engage the public for every age group. For more social media marketing tips, keep on reading our blog and articulate your views. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog!!!

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