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Top 5 AI Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing

“Does thinking about content marketing tools to boost your business give you jitters? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of marketing tools available in the market?”

AI content marketing tools can help you systematically grow your business by offering consistent services that shorten your timeline.

Machine learning tools facilitate quality content creation based on real-time data instead of assumptions-based decision-making. Most successful brands have already made the switch to artificial intelligence to boost their business.

One does not need to be a master at content creation or strategizing for their business to meet success. If you struggle with these aspects of your business, fret not because content writing is a delicate mix of art and science.

Getting the hang of the creative process is slightly easier than learning the technicalities of content marketing and management. The creative side deals with engaging content creation that is easier to understand and causes your target audience to resonate with your brand.

However, the technical side of content marketing involves market research, trends analysis, social media management, and other time-consuming tasks that may appear daunting to someone who has no prior experience.

Usually, we use our gut feeling to decide the type and frequency of our content. However, an effective marketing process requires keyword research, topic selection, and performance tracking.

Artificial intelligence automates the content marketing process providing competitive advantages and reducing human errors. AI can be used in campaign optimization to improve customer engagement rates and streamline your web design process.

Let us look at five AI and machine learning tools that can help you streamline your content marketing process and achieve your business goals.

Top 5 AI Content Marketing Tools

1. Grammarly

The chances are that if you are content writing, you are already familiar with Grammarly. Grammarly is a grammar and spelling checking tool that offers real-time suggestions based on your content’s readability, engagement, and tonality.

You have the option to choose between UK, US, Australian, and Canadian English as per your preference. Grammarly is testing a beta plugin that provides suggestions in google docs and other content writing platforms upon installation.

All you need to do is sign up and register on Grammarly to avail its free benefits. Other premium benefits that Grammarly offers with its premium membership are clarity, correctness, engagement, and delivery.

You have the freedom to adjust your goals according to the tone, friendliness, and target audience. Grammarly is essentially a classic spell checker with an AI algorithm that can be integrated into various platforms.

Apart from grammar corrections and spell checkers, Grammarly is based on context-specific suggestions which help content creators make their content more relatable and easy to understand. 

2. Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach AI improves the quality of your content by eliminating guesswork. It provides suggestions to rephrase your content according to the preferences of your target audience.

The benefits of Atomic Research include:

  • Rephrasing content using easy to understand words
  • Content optimization by enhancing performance by clicking a button
  • Content segmentation 
  • Unlimited profiles
  • Insights based on your content’s performance
  • Integration into various platforms.

Atomic Reach’s AI analyzes market data based on your content marketing efforts and provides insights based on your marketing goals. 

3. Textmetrics

Textmetrics is an AI content marketing platform that is data-driven and provides a language analysis writing platform that enables you to create compelling content. It improves the accuracy of your content and improves content quality.

The content writing process analyzes your content and offers real-time suggestions to improve the readability of your content. Textmetrics targets the relatability quotient of your content and enhances the quality of communications. 

Textmetrics enables you to reach your target audience by developing content that meets your reader’s needs.

4. Scoop. it

Scoop. is a content engine enabling content creators to conduct in-depth research and publish content using its content tool. Professionals and business owners use this content platform to share ideas with their target audience. provides content creators with an opportunity to create a meaningful and powerful content presence.

Some of the benefits of is:

  • Improves credibility
  • Generates brand presence
  • Enables creation of engaging web pages 
  • Improves social media presence
  • Allows you to embed content pages to your website
  • Variety of templated newsletters
  • Schedule social media posts

5. Clear Scope

The clear scope has an easy user interface that enables you to optimize your content by offering writing prompts and how to go about it. It is an SEO tool that helps you gain more traffic to your website.

A straightforward scope plugin can be integrated with google docs and WordPress. It analyzes data and provides helpful insights to content marketers regarding the importance of the keyword used throughout the content and the ideal number of times that keyword should be used to attract maximum traffic. 

The clear scope also grades your content and highlights the number of times a particular keyword should be used to generate organic traffic to your website. It enables content creators to make their material shareable, improving its readability.

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