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We are currently accepting Guest Posts on our website for topics related to healthcare marketing tips and insights. Please make sure your content is unique and unplagiarized before sending it to us. If your shared article has been published previously on another website, it may get rejected, and you may not get a response from us.

Guest posting allows owners and guest post contributors to mutually benefit from the publication of their article. On one hand, the owners get high- quality content to feature on their websites that helps increase their website traffic, on the other hand, guest post contributors get quality backlinks, referral traffic and validation as a trusted website.

We specialize in providing healthcare marketing tips and accept articles that are relevant to our audience. Here is a list of topics that get featured on our website for your reference:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Facebook and LinkedIn advertising
  • Performing digital competitor analysis
  • Video Marketing
  • Learning strategies and analytics
  • Learning PPC
  • Search Engine Optimization

Please note the aforementioned topics are strictly related to the healthcare industry. Your article is likely to get rejected if the topic sensitivity is not adhered to.

Submission Guidelines

Your article should be 100% original content. It should be unique and fresh, we do not accept plagiarized material.
Using copy pasted material gets your post deleted and ID blocked.
We accept articles that are 600+ words, the more the merrier.
Add a feature image to support the points mentioned in your article.
We allow one Do-Follow link.
Posting adult or inappropriate content gets you blocked, so DON’T!
Engagement is the key, so try to make your title catchy.
Conduct a keyword search to make your article SEO friendly. Use Keywords so your post ranks easily.
We have the authority to modify or delete your content if your article fails to meet our submission guidelines.
Use bullet points, formatting, and grammar checks on your content before submission.

For more information regarding Guest posting please feel free to contact us. Kindly use our contact us form to submit your articles.

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