Performing Digital Competition Analysis

How to perform Competitive Analysis for a Dentist

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis helps you improve your organization based on the evaluation of your potential and current competitors. This technique lets you compare your website with your competitors and allows you to assess the areas you need to improve, which has proved helpful for your competitors. 

A dentist can make use of competitors’ Analysis to remain on the top of the search engine result pages and increase their interactions with patients. We have brought you a complete guide to help you get a fair idea about using competitor analysis for dentists. You must understand each step involved in competitive Analysis and try to implement the same for best results.

Tips to outshine your competitors as a Dentist:


Identify your competitors:

First of all, you need to identify your competitors against whom you will be comparing your organization. As you must be aware, in general, the departments usually have more competitors than an organization at large. You need to prepare a list of 5-10 competing dental practices and rank them as highest competitors to the lowest. It will help you understand different organizations that may cause current or potential threats to your dental organization. Identifying your competitors is the primary requirement for performing Competitive Analysis.

Evaluate your competitor’s online presence:

Many forms of marketing can help your patients learn about your organization. SEO, Social Media, Content, and Email marketing are some of the best marketing tools available today that your competitors might be using to engage their patients and get them to know about their dental organization. Now let us dive into different marketing tools and how they can help you outshine your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most excellent tools that directly impact your website’s closeness to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (or SERPs). The higher ranking your website gets on the SERPs, the higher the chances of your website’s visibility and getting dental appointments for your organization. It would be best if you looked for ideas to optimize your website for getting organic traffic by comparing your website with your competitors.

Social Media

One can not ignore social media while discussing different marketing tools. Social media has emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tools. If your competitors are getting great responses on their social media handles, then you need to look into their posts, stories, and reels that they post. Most importantly, timings matter while posting, so keep track of your competitors’ time adding things. This will help you improve your social media profile and get better responses from your customers. 

Email Marketing

As far as online presence is concerned, you need to keep proper track of your competitor’s email marketing strategy. Look at what attachments are they adding to the emails, what discounts are they posting, what forms are they including in their emails to customers, and all other compelling marketing tactics they are using to attract their audiences. You need to improve your Email marketing practices based on your competitors’ potential. Email marketing involves getting to know about your customer’s preferences and providing them with the same.

Content Marketing 

Another valuable tool for marketing is the type of content you add to your website. Content forms the first impression of your website with your customers and helps the visitors convert into your customers. You need to take note of the type of content your competitors are adding to their website, and you must look for their strategies, such as compelling headlines, images used, and actionable advice. This will help you attract more potential customers to your website and improve your website’s appearance. That’s why your content matters the most while dealing with online websites.

Understand your targeted audience:

You must understand your targeted audience before performing a Competitive Analysis. It would help if you got answers from your targeted audience to specific questions such as who they are, what they care about, and other standard questions about your dental organization. These answers will help you improve your service line content, outshine your organization from your competitors, and attract new audiences to your website. You need to get valuable feedback from your past patients or current patients and try to improve things wherever possible. The most crucial part is understanding their point of view and why they considered moving to your dental organization rather than going to your competitors. 


Competitor Analysis can help you improve your online presence and attract more customers to your website. You must identify your customers, evaluate their online presence and understand your targeted audience using past experiences. These simple tricks will help you outshine your dental organization from your competitors. 

We hope that this comprehensive guide must have helped you learn about amazing tricks regarding competitors analysis for dentists. For more information about healthy lifestyles and marketing tips, please stay connected with us.

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