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3 Best Ways to Promote your Healthcare Blog

Healthcare blogs

Are you a healthcare professional or a medical facility owner looking for unique ways to promote your healthcare blog website?


Maybe you are wary about adding web blogs to your healthcare marketing strategy and need to know their value to your business’s success.

Irrespective of the reason that led you to our page, we have got you covered for all your healthcare marketing needs.

Why add blogs to your Healthcare Marketing Plan?

  • Blogging presents a unique opportunity to share important information about healthcare while maintaining the authenticity of your healthcare business. 
  • It allows you to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts using analytic tools to monitor vital statistics such as the number of visitors to your website, traffic sources, time spent on your website, referral traffic, and details such as the demographics and location of your readers. 
  • Blogging allows you to connect with your target audience and form a trusting relationship. Writing your blogs translates your willingness to stay updated and share helpful information with your readers. It creates a long-lasting relationship with your readers that can eventually lead to increased conversion rates. 
  • It allows search engines to validate your practice and showcases your expertise in the subject matter. Consistent blogging shows your readers that you have a fundamental understanding of the services you provide as a healthcare provider and strive to stay updated with the current trends in the healthcare industry. 
  • You can promote your blogs on your social media accounts. It helps readers attach a personal touch to your practice and humanizes it. 
  • Creating an impactful blog is serious business and may take up a significant amount of time. However, studies have shown that companies that practice blogging and include it in their marketing plans are 13x more likely to see a positive return on their investment.

How to promote your Healthcare Blog?

1. Select Trending Topics

Choosing relevant topics that add value to your reader’s life is crucial when writing a healthcare blog. 

Creating content that captures your patient’s attention can be facilitated by carefully choosing topics that resonate with your readers and highlighting how your practice can help address these issues in their daily life.

You can include topics in your blog such as

  1. Commonly asked questions in exam rooms or forums.
  2. Tips and tricks to help your readers improve their quality of life, such as the importance of diabetic socks for people with diabetes type 2.
  3. Essential studies and medical research and their effect on your audience’s lives.
  4. Updates regarding your practice or featured services and ongoing offers or packages.
  5. Reviews and testimonials of satisfied clients to inculcate trust in your readers.

2. Choose the Right Keywords

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about SEO for your website is keyword research. Once you have created a blog for your healthcare firm, the next step is to divide your content into categories.

Categorizing your content is similar to sorting data like a book index that previews your content and helps readers choose their topic of interest. 

Since ‘Categories’ is what steers your patient’s attention on your web blog, and its accuracy determines how long your readers spend time on your blog, choosing relevant topics and categories becomes pivotal to your blog’s overall success.

 For example, 

A physiotherapist may divide their blogs into categories like services depending on the location of pain and type of ailment, patient stories, recent news, updates about their clinic, and much more.

Once you segregate your blogs into respective categories, the next step is optimizing the web content according to Google’s algorithm to make your website rank higher in search engine results. 

Choosing impactful keywords that align with your blog’s content can help attract the targeted niche of people. You can use specific keywords such as Kinesio Taping to attract people looking for that particular service or a broad term such as adult acne to garner the attention of a wider patient base.

3. Follow a Blog Posting Schedule

The key to achieving your business goals is consistency. Consistently staying on top of the game by adhering to a successful content marketing strategy can be achieved by sticking to an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar allows the time and frequency of blog posts one needs to create to maintain a connection with their readers streamlining the process. It will enable you to cater to your reader’s healthcare information needs quickly and adequately.

Following a blog posting schedule allows you to retain your existing customer base by keeping them engaged and helps maintain your search engine rankings. 

Final Words

A sound healthcare marketing strategy enables you to maximize your presence and brand awareness which generates more foot and digital traffic to your practice. Your healthcare marketing strategy allows you to streamline all the processes that play a crucial role in helping you attain your business goals.

Using your healthcare blog can help you promote your business most effectively and efficiently. Let us know your thoughts regarding ways to help one optimize their healthcare business using blogs in the comment section below.

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